Contributed Speakers

Abdelouahad El Fatimy

Prof. Abdelouahad El Fatimy

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

Title: Universal light detector based on graphene quantum dot

Alléaume Romain

Dr. Alléaume Romain

Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France

Title: Boosting the Convergence between Classical and Quantum Coherent Communications using Digital Signal Processing

Chen Baile

Dr. Chen Baile

ShanghaiTech University, China

Title: High speed type-II superlattice photodetectors

Chergui Yahia

Asst. Prof. Chergui Yahia

Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria

Title: Zno bonds behavior under different pressures and temperatures. A Molecular Dynamics prediction

Dutta Niloy

Prof. Dutta Niloy

University of Connecticut, USA

Title: Mode Locked Fiber Lasers

Filipenka Henadzi

Dr. Filipenka Henadzi

Independent Researcher, Belarus

Title: Nature of chemical elements

Kamenetskii E O

Dr. Kamenetskii E O

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Title: Quantization of electromagnetic radiation by quasistatic resonances: Physics and applications

Kontos Takis

Dr. Kontos Takis

Laboratoire de Physique de l'Ecole normale superieure, CNRS, France

Title: A hybrid cavity-magnon haloscope for quantum sensing of invisible axions

Krasnoholovets Volodymyr

Dr. Krasnoholovets Volodymyr

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Title: Inerton communication: The future of wireless

Kumar Manish

Dr. Kumar Manish

IIT(BHU), India

Title: Quantum Origin Of Nano

Kunsch Johannes

Dr. Kunsch Johannes

Laser Components Germany GmbH, Germany

Title: Updates on selected classic infrared components for benchmarking: PbS, PbSe, DLaTGS and LiTaO3 detectors

Larson Jonas

Dr. Larson Jonas

Stockholm University, Sweden

Title: Quantum optics in state space

Leandre Remi

Prof. Leandre Remi

Universite de Bourgogne, France

Title: Toward a Wong-Zakai approximation for big order generators

Liu Wei

Dr. Liu Wei

IQM Finland Oy, Finland

Title: Development of the quantum processing units (QPUs) at IQM Finland Oy

Matveev George Yury

Dr. Matveev George Yury

Independent Researcher, Denmark

Title: Motley String and Quantum Mechanics

Nestoklon Mikhail

Dr. Nestoklon Mikhail

Ioffe Institute, Russia

Title: Exciton Fine Structure in Lead Chalcogenide Quantum Dots: Interplay between Valley Mixing and Exchange Interaction

Olafsen Linda J.

Dr. Olafsen Linda J.

Baylor University, USA

Title: Quasi-Fermi Level Pinning and Optical Pumping Analysis toward Reduction of Droop in Interband Cascade Lasers

Pryamikov Andrey

Dr. Pryamikov Andrey

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, Russia

Title: Strong light localization and vortex formation in micro-structured optical fibers

Rao K. Prahlada

Dr. Rao K. Prahlada

Gulbarga University, India

Title: Effect of Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures on Microstrip Antenna Arrays

Roberts John Owen

Dr. Roberts John Owen

Open University Tutor, UK

Title: A role for the Roberts-Janet and the Quantum Mechanical Tables in Quantum Sensors?

Roy Utpal

Dr. Roy Utpal

Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India

Title: Efficient quantum sensing for ultracold atoms under engineered traps

Saha Debabrata

Dr. Saha Debabrata

Independent Researcher scientist, India

Title: Natural Field: An Understanding of Quantum Science

Suhir Ephraim

Dr. Suhir Ephraim

Portland State University, USA

Title: Analytical modeling in design for reliability of electronic and photonic materials, assemblies, packages and systems

Usubamatov Ryspek

Dr. Usubamatov Ryspek

Kyrgyz State Technical University, Kyrgyzstan

Title: Theory of Gyroscopic Effects and Applications

Zia Haider

Dr. Zia Haider

University of Twente, Netherlands

Title: Enhanced Spectral Generation and Duration Compression in Alternating Dispersion Waveguides