1. Topological Materials (e.g., topological insulators and Weyl semi-metals)

2. 2D Van der Waals materials (e.g. Graphene, TMDCs, 2D magnets)

3. Carbon-based Materials

4. Antiferromagnetic Materials (e.g., Non-collinear Ferromagnets, Ferrimagnets, Skyrmions)

5. Nano-Photonics, Metamaterials, Active Plasmonics

6. Nano-Structured and Functionalized Surfaces

7. Phononic Materials

8. Spin-orbitronics

9. Multiferroics

10.Superconducting Oxides

1. Semiconductor Quantum Detectors

2. Semiconductor Quantum Cascade lasers

3. Quantum Dots Devices

4. Wide-bandgap Solar-blind Photodetectors & Focal Plane Arrays

5. Terahertz Emitters and Receivers

6. Terahertz Nano-Photonics and Nanoelectronics

7. Single-photon Counting Detectors and Biosensing

8. Bio-Electronics and Bio-Photonics

9. Spintronic Gigahertz to Terahertz Sources and Detectors

10. Magnetic Memory and Logic Devices

11. Topological Spintronic Devices

12. Quantum Memories

13. Magnonic Devices

14. Nano-antenna Devices

15. Valleytronic Devices

1. Quantum Spectroscopy

2. Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optical Phenomena

3. Materials characterization (Optical, Electrical, Magnetic, Structural, etc.)

4. Near-Field Optics and Flat Optics

5. Light-Matter Interaction at the Nano-Scale

6. Quantum Optical Measurements and Decoherence Effects

7. Novel Magnetic Microscopy Techniques

8. Magneto-Optics

9. Quantum sensing

1. Micro-and Nano-Fabrication Technologies

2. Heterogenous Integration Technologies

3. Photonic Bandgap Structures and their Applications

4. Neuromorphic Devices, Circuits, and Systems

5. Unconventional and approximate computing

6. Magnonics applications

7. Integrated Photonics for Quantum Sensing and Quantum imaging

8. Quantum Communications and applications